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Arihant Jee Mains in 40 days pdf download Physics, Chemistry and Math

Arihant Jee Mains in 40 days pdf download

Arihant is one of the leading book publishers for Competitive Exams. For JEE Main, Arihant books are considered to be the perfect book for students. Arihant publishes lots of books for JEE MAIN and Arihant Jee Mains in 40 days is one among them. This book consists of all the subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Today we Are uploading Arihant Jee Mains in 40 days pdf download all and keep studying.

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Are Arihant 40 days good for JEE MAIN?

These books are designed for students to learn concepts in less period of time. This book has been designed by keeping an eye on the latest trends of JEE Main. The chapters are designed on a daily basis to complete the whole syllabus in the specified time. The concepts are discussed clearly with the easiest explanation so it will give you one of the best ways for Last moment Revision. It also consists of lots of questions for practice and the best thing is that it has 3 full-length mock test in each book on the last 3 days which will give you a pre-exam experience.

Arihant Jee Mains in 40 days pdf download.

01)Arihant 40 days chemistry pdf

Day 01 to 05Download Now
Day 06 to 14 Download Now
Day 15 to 25 Download Now
Day 26 to 30 Download Now
Day 31 to 40 Download Now

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02)Arihant 40 days Physics pdf

Day 01 Download Now
Day 02 Download Now
Day 03 Download Now
Day 04 to 11 Download Now
Day 12 to 18 Download Now
Day 19 to 26Download Now
Day 27 to 40Download Now

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03)Arihant 40 days Mathematics pdf

Day 01 to 04Download Now
Day 05 to 15 Download Now
Day 16 to 23 Download Now
Day 24 to 30 Download Now
Day 31 to 40 Download Now

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