Disha NCERT Xtract pdf For NEET/AIIMS 2020

NCERT Xtract is one of the best books to boost up the score in entrance Examination like AIIMS and NEET. In both NEET and AIIMS, most of the questions asked directly from NCERT. So we need to read the NCERT thoroughly. Only a few days are left for NEET.So its the time for Revision. To revise properly here we are uploading Disha Ncert pdf for you at absolutely free.

DIsha NCERT Xtract pdf

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Is Disha NCERT Xtract good for NEET & AIIMS?

NCERT is the veda for a medical entrance exam student. Most of the questions comes directly from NCERT book. Its Not easy to memorise all the points of NCERT easily. But this Xtract of NCERT will help us to remember everything easily. The following features makes this book very handy and helful.

  • This book-cum-Question Bank spans through 30 chapters.
  • It provides a detailed Concept Map for Quick grasp of the chapters
  • It has3 types of exercises questions which are Topic-wise Concept-Based MCQs, NCERT Exemplar & previous year Questions and finally at the end there are some Challenging Questions for clear your understanding

 This book covers the whole syllabus of both 11th and 12th class. So download this book and Start your smart revision to boost your score in NEET and AIIMs.All the best for Exam.

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Disha NCERT Xtract Pdf Free Download

Disha Xtract Pdf Consists of Biology Physics and Chemistry. Here download Them directly.

Disha NCERT Xtract Pdf Free DownloadDownload Option
Ncert Xtract Physics PdfDownload Now
Ncert Xtract Biology PdfDownload Now
Ncert Xtract Chemistry PdfDownload Now

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