Resonance Rank Booster pdf for JEE Main 2020.

Resonance Rank Booster pdf

Resonance Rank Booster Pdf

Hello Friends, JEE main is only 27 days remaining. Hope you are doing your revision perfectly. You know revision is one of the important factors for success in any examination. It not only gives you confidence and clarity but also it helps you to boost up your score. To make your revision easier, We are uploading The Resonance rank booster jee mains pdf for you.

What Is Resonance Rank Booster?

Resonance Rank booster is a Revision module designed by Resonance Institute Kota for JEE Main Students. It is framed by experts of Resonance Institute focusing on student’s perfect preparation and to provide a clear concept.

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Is resonance rank booster good?

Obviously, it is one of the best revision modules for JEE Main students. It covers the full syllabus of JEE and is prepared as per JEE standards keeping in mind on the latest patterns of the Exam. This book has the following features

  • This book is divided into 2 sections, in the section-1 you will find topic wise questions and in Section-2 it has the part and full syllabus test paper.
  • All the questions are framed by experts keeping an eye on the latest trends of NTA.
  • In section-1 you will get more than 1000 questions which will help you to practice more.
  • In section-2 comprises 6 part syllabus test and 3 full syllabus test. This test covers the full class XI and XII syllabus.
  • In the last, it provides a detailed solution of all the questions and test series.

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Download Resonance Rank Booster JEE Mains Pdf

here we are posting all the rank boosters of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics one by one.

Resonance Rank Booster Chemistry

Chemistry Part 1Download
Chemistry Part 2Download
Chemistry Part 3 Download
Chemistry Part 4 Download

Resonance Rank Booster Physics

Physics Part 1Download
Physics Part 2Download
Physics Part 3Download

Resonance Rank Booster Mathematics

Math Part 1Download
Math Part 2Download
Math Part 3Download

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